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End of the year Children's Book Round Up


Words of wisdom, whimsy and wonder fill this collection of tall tales and silly stories. As you wander through the pages you just may come across a rare Giraffapotamus, or meet The Remarkable Hector McTwee, and maybe even take a ride on a Unicornicycle. There are Cannonballs and Cartwheelers, Tree Climbers and Trampolinists, Moon Swimmers and Moose Riders, and an amazing assortment of funny, strange, and unforgettable rhymes that will have you wondering just what's coming next. A timeless collection of poems and art keeping the tradition of hardcover books and bedtime reading alive. This is the first in a projected trilogy which will include the sequel Running To The Sun, to be followed by Sailing To The Stars. 

In the spirit of the wonderful books by Shel Silverstein, these beautifully illustrated verses and story-poems come to life with memorable characters and messages that will appeal to youngsters, parents, grandparents, adults, teens, and basically children of all ages. This poetry collection will become a favorite that you will turn to again and again, for bedtime reading, family time, or if you just need a smile to brighten your day.

Mrs Mommy Booknerd's Review: What a delightful and fun collection of poems and stories.  I was laughing and smiling the whole time.   Some of my favorites are:  Planting Jellybeans, Everybody Needs a Nap, Where Did Summer Go and Getting in Shape, just to name a few.  There is so much imagination in the stories.  The pictures are just as fun.  This collection is the best of bedtime stories and a book to hand down to your children.  I absolutely adored it.  It brought me and my boys together and I love that we have started a new book for bedtime reading.  We have added it to our rotation, which only contains our FAVORITES!!!  McMahon has been compared to Shel Silverstein and that is not to far off.  If you love whimsy and fun this book is for you!  I CANNOT wait for the installment: Running to the Sun!!! 5 stars to the moon and back!

Sports Illustrated Baseball's Greatest

Who's the greatest slugger of all time, Babe Ruth or Ted Williams? Where do Derek Jeter and Cal Ripken Jr. rank on the list of the best shortstops? At third base, would you rather have Mike Schmidt or Brooks Robinson? Is Fenway or Wrigley the better ballpark?

This book will end many arguments-and start some new ones. Sports Illustrated's has polled its Major League Baseball experts to determine the ultimate Top 10 in more than 20 categories. The rankings appear alongside stunning photography and classic stories from SI's archives. This is the best of the best in the major leagues, or, more simply,Baseball's Greatest.

Mrs Mommy Booknerd's Review:   Amazing!  Not sure there are words for this other than AMAZING!  It is the GREATEST baseball book ever, really!  It has so much info, great pictures and so much more.  You want it, this book has it...top 10 in over 20 categories. For fans of baseball it may contain more than just facts, but arguments between you and your buddies...Who is the greatest?  Sports Illustrated knocked it out of the park with this 5 star book!  A MUST have!

Little Bird Lost

One of the baby birds seems to be missing. His greedy siblings have pushed him out of view! A tale of sibling rivalry and their parents love for ALL their offspring.

The series of high-quality photographs accompanied by the simple rhyming tale provide a rare opportunity of a 'birds-eye' view into the nest. The reading content is aimed at 3-5 year-olds, but the photographs and the story that they tell will fascinate all age groups. The length and content make it a perfect bedtime story, a great start for beginner readers and a superb study of the natural world that demonstrates how care and compassion persists amongst even the tiniest of creatures. 

Steve Larkinson spotted this family of swallows in the eaves of a small bakery in south-west France and this delightful story unfolded as he photographed them. Kate Larkinson added the words in rhyming couplets and created the book.

Mrs Mommy Booknerd's Review: I love birds!  Look at my blog...OWLS!  I love stories about birds and Little Bird Lost is an adorable story with real bird photographs.  It was silly and cute.  The little baby birds have so much personality.  A wonderful stories for young children.   4 stars


This is the first book of the series, Savannah Friends, and tells the story of Zips the Zebra and how, after being told by his mum about the dangers of walking off alone, decides to go on adventure by himself only to end up in trouble!

After getting chased by a hungry lion and crocodile it is down to Zips to find his way back home by asking his friends. 

Zipping across the savannah from friend to friend Zips finally manages to find his way home and back to the safety with his mum. 

Through rhyming and bright, exciting pictures Zips has proven exciting for many young children and their parents find it a useful tool to teach their kids about the dangers of wandering off alone and what to do if they get lost.

Mrs Mommy Booknerd's Review: What happens when Zips goes wandering???  You will soon find out in this beautifully illustrated storybook.  I plan to create an art lesson plan around this book for my Art Through Stories class because there is such richness in the story.  It was one of those books that takes you on an adventure where you meet some great characters along the way.  4 stars


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