Thursday, December 12, 2013

Giveaway/Blog Tour for Veronica Steck’s Heartfelt Letters From Santa

Santa VBT
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Available This Holiday Season!
Helping Santa Create a Tradition for Your Family!
The magic of Christmas for children is embodied in Santa Claus. This book shows you how to capture that magic by writing a personal letter from Santa for the child or children who are special to you.  Letters from Santa can describe situations your child has been in, recount good deeds he or she has done, make suggestions for improving behavior, and generally inspire your child in positive directions you see for them.

The finely crafted companion volume is where you will write this special letter each Christmas Eve, after your child has brought their book of Santa’s letters to its honored place near the Christmas tree.  On Christmas morning, the whole family can gather around as your child discovers what Santa has written just for them.

As the years pass the book with these letters will grow more and more precious. It will be a chronicle of years past, and a guide for years to come.
letters from santaIt will:
• Transport both the child and the family back to the special moments in life,
• Recap major events in the child’s progression to adulthood, and,
• Remind children of how their biggest fans have stood with them and supported them, with
loving, patience, and humor.

This guide for parents and adults will provide you with excellent ideas, key phrases, and topic areas to consider. It will clearly assist you in writing meaningful and heartfelt letters your child – and the whole family – will love.

This is one of the most adorable books that I have seen.  It is the type of book that could become a lifelong family tradition and then passed on the the following generations.  I wish I could have come across this book the first Christmas I was a parent.  I would have loved to start this tradition from the start of my family.  However, I am so excited to start it this Christmas!  I love the guide on how to help draft the letters.  I find this to be fabulous and makes the letter writing so much easier!  I adore this idea!  5 stars!

Learn how Santa knows if you have been Naughty or Nice, he uses this magical Naughty or Nice Crystal Ball. 
Find out now so you can have plenty of time to improve!!
With just one shake of the ball Santa's answer will magically appear....

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