Monday, August 7, 2017

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July Books:  I am still working through these amazing books!!  I have loved every one of the books that this challenge has offered.  I love the variety, depth and originality in these reads.  They have kept me fully engaged and entertained all summer long!  Have you been reading along?  Tell me what you have thought so far!  We are now into our last month, which makes me sad, but fall reading is right around the corner!! 

#FirstLine  "You should probably know two things up front."
#FirstLine  A new fall snow had settled upon the old, like memories, like the years.
REVIEW:    What a book.  I loved that it was original and thrilling.  I thought it was one of those reads that kept me on my toes.  I loved the how well written it was, with twists and turns that kept me on my toes.  There was suspense, supernatural aspects and writing that was so entertaining.  A great thriller for the summer months or anytime really.
#FirstLine  "I wanted to fill you in sooner," Becca said to her granddaughter, Sarah, who cradled a mug of hot tea in her lap, "but it's been hard to find the right time."
REVIEW:  What a read.  From cover to cover I adored this book.  It was heartbreaking and honest and deep and richly driven by the characters.  I thought that the book was one of those reads that is hard to forget because you become so emotionally invested in the characters and the story.  I wanted to speed through the book and savor it slowly, at the same time.  I could see this being a movie or a mini series.  So great!  
#FirstLine  The lock disengaged and the door clicked open, squeaking gently.
#FirstLine  "No," Sheila Rackley was saying, "that's not how it happened at all, you have to listen to this, it was way worse..."
REVIEW:  This book captured me.  The setting was amazing and the characters were those I could really relate to.  The complex nature of the story was drawn in a way that made it seem so seamless.  With depth and heart The Captain's Daughter was one of those special reads that captures your heart, makes you think deeply and moves you from start to finish.  A great summer read or one for your book club!
#FirstLine  Moving in with Michael should have been perfect.
#FirstLine  Tucking away a long strand of hair that floated in front of my suba mask, I kicked through the blue-green waters of Bimini on the last day of research term, keeping watch for Sylvia, a five-foot, four-year old lemon shark I'd name for oceanographer Sylia Earle.
REVIEW:  I want to scuba dive and take a beach vacation because of this book.  It was so beautifully written and a book perfect for a summer reading indulgence.  A book about so much more than what lies beneath the water, but what it takes to feel complete.  It was so fun to read because of how wonderfully the story was drawn out, developed and was a perfect trifecta!  Grab this book and read it today!  I am certain you will love it!!!

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