Saturday, August 5, 2017

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"A collection that's spirited and endearing . . . which she tells with winning self-deprecation and a level of detail that conjures the dusty, sunny fragrance of her travels. Sexton punctuates the pieces in an all-caps-studded brand of wacky humor, mostly in the form of wry one-liners." -- Kirkus Reviews
"Sexton is a truly original voice; almost everything she thinks and does in this superb collection is unexpected--from grilling a man who tells her she is 'Hot' for more information, to calling a Suicide Hotline only to end up reassuring the inept operator that he is good at his job. EVERYBODY BUT YOU is an entertaining insight into the large talent of an atypical mind any reader would be privileged to have." -- Maggie Rowe, producer, COMEDY CENTRAL Stage, Sit 'n Spin
"First-time author Thia Sexton has unerring aim. Right at the heart of humankind's fumbling efforts to untangle ourselves. She illumines our quest for the Holy Grail, or at least in the promised land of Utopia--with prose that channels not a clown, but a humanist. Not Bert Lahr, but Mark Twain." -- Rod Gomey, PhD, Author of The Human Agenda, psychiatry professor, famously cured Paul Simon of writers block (PLAYBOY Interview)

Entertaining and I will not soon forget, as the voice that Sexton is like nothing I have read before.  These stories have depth, a fresh voice and are oh so fun to read.  I love short stories books because you can toss it in your purse and read whenever you have a free moment.  You will not regret reading this book and you will end of thanking me for recommending it!

Thia Sexton

Thia Sexton's original songs on the Everybody But You SOUNDTRACK CD (available on iTunes). Audiobook available on Audible. Merchandise available on Zazzle ( Thia Sexton has read her stories to sold-out crowds at COMEDY CENTRAL STAGE and performed in national and international award-winning plays. She is the recipient of a Great American Song award for her song "AWOKEN'—and yes, she plays her cello like a guitar on it. Thia's songs have been featured on the groundbreaking radio show KCRW. She hopes someday to be responsible enough to own a dog and cat. She's heard petting an animal makes you feel much better!

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