Thursday, August 10, 2017

Article: Renovating Your Child’s Room to Invigorate a Love for Books

When it comes to reading, some children just can’t get enough. As soon as a child learns how to read, a world of imagination and adventure opens up in front of their very eyes. If you want your kids to love literature as much as you do, creating a space that’s designated just for reading is a perfect way to spurn their literary development. Here are some of our top tips to help you renovate your child’s room to invigorate a love for books.  

Choose a theme
A theme isn’t necessary for any child’s room, but we think a booklover’s bedroom should be filled with decor and accessories that evoke happy thoughts of their favorite stories. Adventure seekers would love a room fit for royalty or daring pirates, while dreamers can get lost in the clouds with a space filled with soft textiles and otherworldly decorations. Regardless of the decor choices you make, the most important part of your children’s bedroom should be—you guessed it—space for books.

Find appropriate book storage
If you just can’t say no to acquiring books for your kids, you will understand the struggle of fitting all your treasures into their bedroom. A well-made, roomy bookshelf is a great place to start, but remember to choose one (or more) that is deep and tall enough to fit large picture books and chapter books alike if you want it to last more than a few years. Other book storage alternatives include fabric sling bookshelves, library-style display racks, and even Ikea spice rack hacks for design-worthy wall storage.

Keep your bookshelves stocked
As with any of your child’s belongings, too much of anything is not always a good thing. Most children have firm favorites when it comes to toys, so keeping everything out all the time only leaves them overwhelmed and less likely to play nicely with anything. The same is true for books, so take time every month or two to go through your child’s book collection and rotate titles if necessary. If you can’t face removal or temporary storage for any of your child’s books, try moving new ones to the front of their bookshelf every so often and occasionally suggesting new titles for family reading time.

Make reading accessible—anytime
There’s nothing like a cozy under-the-stairs nook or a bay window stuffed with pillows to while away hours with a good read, but literacy and a love of literature should be encouraged no matter when or where. Miniature wall-mounted bookshelves are perfect for extra bedtime story storage, or wicker baskets for light bathroom reading. This philosophy can be followed throughout the house, so stock up now on your storage baskets and clear some room on your own bookshelves so everyone can join in the literary fun.

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