Friday, April 22, 2016

#MMBBR #Review #picturebook A New Leash on Life by Kara Hamilton

Smokey, the miniature apricot poodle, is blessed. But can it last? With the arrival of a new baby, he struggles to adjust to his new place in the family. After several failed tactics, he ingeniously teaches the baby how to behave around him so they may co-exist peacefully. He realizes that there's enough love for everyone in the family, and also gains a new best friend. We've heard the sad stories. The once beloved pooch is given away after the birth of a child due to "aggressive" behavior. Hopefully, by creatively educating small children how to behave around dogs, more pets can stay with their families.

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Kara Hamilton is a San Francisco-based actress and model with leading roles in films, commercials and advertising campaigns. She holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Florida State University where she regularly wrote for 'The Sunshine Network' (currently Fox Sun Sports) and Florida A&M's newspaper. She lives with one husband, two children, three chickens and four battery-operated fish. Before the children, came the dog - a dog she loved dearly and wanted to peacefully coexist with her then-new baby, not be one of the 3.9 million abandoned to shelters each year. Unimpressed with the current choices, she desired a creative and entertaining way to teach her child (as well as others) how to properly behave around dogs. Completely based on Kara's life story, the picture book "A New Leash On Life" was born.

This is a very important book for the little ones in the family to read or be read to.  When our fur babies come into our houses we are all very excited, but we need to understand that the dogs have moods and need to be granted respect and space as they need it.  It is important for the little ones to know how to read the cues that dogs give off so that the dogs and little ones stay safe. Dogs, unfortunately, cannot talk so having an understanding about the ways dogs communicate with their human family is really important for all family members.  I thought this book was a very sweet way to help articulate the addition of a fur baby into a family and hopefully keeping it there.  4 stars 

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