Saturday, April 16, 2016

#MMBBR #Review #Gift #Mom #Dad Thanks, Mom ~ Thanks, Dad by Allen & Sherry Appel

It’s less than one month until Mother’s Day…which means it’s almost two months until Father’s Day…which means it’s just about time for gift guides! Sentimental and sweet, it’s clear THANKS, MOM and THANKS, DAD by authors and longtime married couple Allen and Sherry Appel (both: St. Martin’s Griffin; $11.99) offer the perfect additions.

Illustrated with black and white vintage drawings, these darling companion books include a different “thank you” on each page, from “Putting up and remembering to water the Christmas tree” for Dad, to “Making snacks for all of the neighborhood kids” for Mom.

There are even a few blank pages in the back to pencil in your own thanks and a space on the cover to sign your name.



I am a sucker for anything sentimental when it comes to gift giving.  It is known in my family that I strive for happy tears when the wrapping comes off and the gift giver see the gift.  THANKS, MOM and THANKS, DAD are perfect gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day that are sure to bring many happy tears to both your parents.  There are so many great pages of thanks within these books.  Two of my favorites (that make me think of my parents) are above.  You can allow the book to say the things that may be hard to say or the things that are hard to articulate.  You can make notes on the pages or write your own notes of thanks on the blank pages and personalize it even further.  Plus, you get to sign the front cover to make it special for your parents.  I love that there are vintage black and white drawings to accompany the thanks.   It is an amazing gift that any parent would love. 5 stars.   


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