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#MMBBR #Review #BooknerdBoyBraden Buckley the Toothless Beaver and Elevator Jones by Dan Soderberg and Greyson Soderberg

Dan Soderberg

Author of Buckley the Toothless Beaver. I also write the Elevator Jones series with my nine year old son. Sports columnist for


Buckley was an energetic young beaver with high hopes and a big problem. Buckley wanted to become a master builder just like his dad. Unfortunately, Buckley didn’t have any teeth.

Follow Buckley to his Dad’s construction site where a series of missteps and disappointments discourage the youngster. Through trial and error Buckley keeps coming back for more until a heart-to-heart talk with his grandfather sets him on the right course. Buckley works around his physical limitation and finds a strength he never knew he possessed.


What did you love about this book?
It was really funny and it had a great problem and solution.  Because of this, there was a good lesson for the story.

How did you feel while reading this book?
I felt happy because I laughed and was smiling the whole time.  There were some funny parts and I loved the Buckley found a way to except himself by the end of the story.

What was funny or moving about this book?
I laughed out loud when Buckley tried his grandfather's dentures to try to cut down the tree.  It was so funny to see all the other ways Buckley tried to deal with his toothless problem.  It was hard not to root for Buckley because she was such a lovable characters.

How may stars would you give this book on a scale of 1-5?
4 stars


Henry Jones was a typical second grader during the school day. After school Henry became the time traveling adventurer of the magical Grand Excelsior Hotel. Join Henry and his friends Horatio and Lucas in the Adventures of Elevator Jones.


What did you love about this book?
I liked it because I love the idea of time travel and Elevator Jones was able to do just that.  I was instantly interested and enjoyed the book from start to finish. 

What did you think about the main character?
I thought it was a clever idea for Elevator Jones to time travel in an elevator at the place where he lives.  Elevator Jones was a very smart, caring and serious character and it was fun being on the adventure with him.

Who would you recommend this book to?

I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a character that means business, gets the job done and anyone who likes a fun and adventurous books!

How may stars would you give this book on a scale of 1-5?
4 stars

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