Thursday, May 22, 2014

Highlight: Glamour Puss - a Tongue-in-Cheek Guide to Being a Powerful Woman: Manipulative, Chic and Sexy by Anna Madsen


Today, using womanly cleverness and beauty to get where you want in life is frowned upon, even by other women. Nonetheless, French women together with Marilyn Monroe, Catwoman and Cinderella among others, have always championed feminine skills such as wit, emotional intelligence and sex appeal to get that man, job or handbag. It's time to introduce that mindset and technique to the rest of the world too.

What makes certain women irresistible to every man? How do you use the power of attraction to get your way? Where do you find a "Trophy Husband"? Glamour Puss discusses in a bold and witty way with the voice of Generation Y in "Erotic Capital", "Caveman Communication", The Kate Middleton Method" to the "Catwoman Effect" and many more, how women can embrace and empower their feminine side and why they shouldn't be afraid of making demands (both on themselves and on men) in order to advance; in the boardroom and bedroom. Forget about being equal to men; be a feminine woman and go even further.

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