Friday, May 9, 2014

Giveaway and Review: The Scary Blueberry by Jaden a Shelton

The Scary Blueberry. Funny book for the finicky eater! Recommended for the bookshelves of health-conscious parents, health care providers (doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, occupational therapists, etc.), and teachers.

This book is so adorable.  It helps to get the picky eater to eat by explaining that their is nothing to be be scared of when it comes to fruit, or bears or lions or robots!  Because when you face your fears and try new things amazing things can happen!  3.5 stars

My son playing and eating the berries!

I made gluten free french toast with berries and cream!

When in a hurry make a blueberry muffin with berries and cream!  

Now don't you want to win something???  

Enter below for your chance to win $15 in coupons for Dricoll's Berries


  1. My older son is so picky, so I'd love to get this book for him. Did you see this week's episode of "Modern Family?"

  2. Hi! Thanks for reviewing my book! I'll do a post about your website and review this afternoon. Maybe someday I can interview for my video interview show. I hope this book helps your kids to learn how to eat new foods.


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