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Highlight: Too Much Information by David Haskell

From the Author

In a World without Secrets, TMI can see -- everything...

Thermo-magnetic imaging technology (or some reasonably similar facsimile), and airport security in general, formed the basis of TMI when I started writing it down back in the summer of 2012. I had assumed it would go quickly, but as these things apparently so often do, it spiraled into a much broader story. Characters kept expanding their roles faster than I could jot them down, one plot situation lead to another and then another, and before I knew it a year had passed before I felt that TMI was complete and presentable for the reading public. It was challenging, sure, but also extremely fun and rewarding.

I am extremely grateful for the wonderful opportunity that this "ebook revolution" has presented to me, and so many other indie authors. I hope that you will have as good a time reading the story as much as I did writing it--I look forward to hearing your thoughts and impressions.

Thanks for checking out Too Much Information, enjoy the book!

From the Inside Flap

Catching the eye of a pretty stewardess, he smiled. She didn't return the gesture, turning instead to pick up the phone on the wall. Contacting the cockpit? He was probably just being paranoid, but even so he averted his eyes and tried to look casual. If it came to that, would this one do just as well? It was reasonably full given the early hour. He reached for his cellphone, then pulled his hand away. Stay calm. Don't jump the gun.

A second flight attendant joined her colleague by the lavatory door. Leaning in towards each other, they looked like they were conferring in hushed tones. The man grew increasingly disconcerted, he didn't like what was going on. He reached again, finger on the cellphone this time. The raised keypad could be operated by touch easily enough, he'd practiced entering the detonation code many times.

A third woman walked up from the rear, his thumping heart leapt clear into his throat when she said, "Excuse me, sir?"
She was addressing the man beside him. What's going on? This was not normal, he was familiar enough with the routine from the trial runs to know that much.

"Yes?" the man asked, sitting up straighter and casting off more cologne stench.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, sir, but we've had a reassignment. Nothing to worry about, just a security protocol. We need to ask you to switch seats."

Looking bemused, the seat-mate gathered up his things and unbuckled himself. This can't be right. They're on to me!

About the author (via his blog):  My name is Dave Haskell and I’m a writer and entertainer. I recently published my debut novel, Too Much Information, and I hope to write about it, along with the “author experience”, extensively here on my blog – among other assorted musings and topics of interest.
I live near Tokyo, Japan with my wife and our adorable year old daughter, and have been living in and around Tokyo for the past decade or so. Prior to that I spent some time traveling back and forth to Japan drumming at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea on trashcans and other assorted ridiculous instrumentation, as well as some similar gigs back in Florida at DisneyWorld and Universal Studios. I attended the University of Massachusetts where I studied music under the incredible guidance of Dr. Peter Tanner and percussion guru Thom Hannum, and around that time I also lived for a year in Concord, CA while performing with the Blue Devils drum corps under yet another amazing teacher and drumming legend, Tom Float, who incidentally created the trash can trio gig at Disneyland that spawned the groups I was so lucky to be a part of in Japan.I was born and raised in the Boston area, and I must admit, I left because it was just way too cold there. I do travel back home as often as I can, though I prefer to plan those trips for the summer months.On the traveling front, I’ve been around America quite a lot back in my drum corps days, mostly small towns and rural communities with a whole lot of nice people I was lucky enough to meet along the way. I’ve also been to Hawaii and Guam, and several cities in Canada and Mexico. That pretty rounds out North America although Washington D.C., Chicago, and Atlanta are still on my “places to see” list. Abroad I’ve been around Japan quite a bit as you might imagine, as far afield as Okinawa which was an awesome place to visit (great tacos…I know, ain’t it weird?). And I’ve also spent short amounts of time in Hong Kong and London having an absolute blast hanging with friends there.Thanks for checking out my blog, hope you enjoy it.

CONNECT:  You can find David online at (his blog), on Goodreads at and on twitter @haskellwriter 

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