Thursday, November 21, 2013

Highlight: Innocence Lost by JD Selmser

Cover for 'Innocence Lost'Everything was perfect for the "star-crossed" lovers until a supernatural twist changed the magic of their fairy tale romance. Somebody had to pay the ultimate price. In every lovers triangle one must die, but what if the dead refuse to die. Zahir never thought that falling in love and stealing another's life would trap him. He never considered the consequences that murdering Milan would have on his life. With time running out he must win Natinha’s love before he destroys himself and her. Milan knows who killed him. What he does not know is why or how he ended up sharing his body and the woman he loves with him. He cannot let go of the dreams he dreamed or the life he planned for them. In a world filled with fallen angels, hell hounds one man loves a woman so much that he refuses to die. The darkest romance where everybody wants their happy ever after only in order for them to get theirs nobody else can get theirs.  Innocence lost is the ultimate lover’s triangle. One fell from heaven, one is headed for hell and a woman's soul and the fate of the world hang in the balance.

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