Thursday, July 25, 2013

Highlight: Call of the Search by Anna and Andrew Wallas

Book Description

 April 14, 2013

This book will ruin your life. If you have already convinced yourself that you are living the life you want, don’t buy it. If the thought of change scares you shitless, this book is for you. 

This is a game-changing experience unlike any other self-help, spiritual or relationship book. It doesn’t fit any category. Written by a man and a woman, a husband and wife struggling in a quest for True Love and intimacy, it’s a dialogue about our psychological and spiritual journey to the heart of a modern relationship.

Join us on a roller-coaster ride, and view the juicy anatomy of our partnership. We write with agonising honesty about confronting taboos such as hatred, revenge, shame, sexual jealousy, shattered dreams and power struggle. We have written this book to answer the question: ‘Why do so few people live in true intimacy and partnership?’

The world is obsessed by the need for more love. What we really need is more truth. We will show you how relationships expose the layers of dishonesty within each of us. The reason that relationship breakdown is endemic is that it is easier to leave (or emotionally check out but physically stay) than to be honest with ourselves. We have discovered that there is a thin line between destruction and transformation.
It is easier to avoid intimacy – no one is showing you what you don’t want to see about yourself. We talk about something much harder: living with another person. Our model of spiritual growth through relationship is messy, bonkers, painful, enlightening, inspiring and priceless. We’re not experts preaching from the pulpit; instead we’re fearlessly reporting the casualties and breakthroughs from the front line of True Love.

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