Saturday, July 27, 2013

5 star reviews by Mandy!!!

Big Girl Panties: A Novel

Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich

Mandy's thoughts: OMG !!!!!  This book rocks the house.  I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to finish this book.  Holly is a recently widowed and has a “slight” weight problem.  Logan is well known personal trainer for some major athletes.  They meet on a flight back home and he offers to help her get back in shape.  Holly turns out to be a natural for getting in shape and as she starts to shed the pounds the attraction begins to sizzle.  This is a story of stereotypes, proving them wrong and looking at what’s on the inside is what really matters.  Stephanie’s debut novel is well written, keeps the reader engrossed and gives you a happy ending.  I give this book 5 stars.

The Curiosity

The Curiosity by Stephen Kiernan

Mandy's thoughts: Dr. Kate Philo makes the most amazing discovery.  A man buried in the ice at the Arctic Circle is found and brought back to life.  The man’s name is Jeremiah.  Dr. Kate ends up falling for her reanimated man but his life is slowing coming to an end, only this time permanently.  Stephen’s debut novel is a masterfully created work that keeps the reader engrossed till the very end.  The tale is original and makes you think – what if this was too really happen – what would you do?  I give this book 5 stars.

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