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Children's book showcase!

For the parents:

How to Be a Great Parent: Understanding Your Child's Wants and Needs

About the book:  Does your child's behavior confuse you? Do you find yourself wondering if there is a better way to respond to your screaming toddler or teenager? It is easy to be the kind of parent you want to be when your children are safely tucked into bed at night. But how do you become that parent when they are getting into everything and driving you crazy? How to Be A Great Parent offers practical strategies and techniques for coping with a wide variety of parenting issues. Dr. Nancy S. Buck will help you deal with issues such as eating, biting, lying, chores, swearing, homework, sexuality, and more. Stories of real-life families plus parenting tips, quizzes, and Q&As show you how to apply these new techniques right away. You'll learn to stop asking why: Why does my child act that way? Why doesn’t he listen to me? Why does she keep asking me permission when I’ve already told her no? And you'll discover the "magical question" you should be asking instead. You'll also find out how to -Make conscious parenting decisions instead of automatically doing what your parents did -Decide how much freedom is enough for your child -Harness your child's innate desire for fun -Cope with bedtime (and naptime) -Handle squabbling siblings -Talk with your teenager -Parent together after a divorce Once you understand your child's behavior, you will be able to respond in a kinder, more effective way. This will facilitate a stronger parent/child bond.

My Thoughts:
Who doesn't want to be a great parent?  But sometimes the job seems so daunting and hard...we feel like we get off track from time-to-time and need some guidance to get us back where we need to be, a happier, more effective parent.  This book acts as that...a guide back...I have just started reading and applying what I have read!  I can say without a doubt that if you read this book you will learn how to better deal with your children and to be kinder to yourself! 5 stars!  I am a work in progress ..because we need to practice, evaluate, adjust and practice! Smart yes!  Pick up a copy today!!!! 

When Your Child Won't Eat Or Eats Too Much: A Parents' Guide for the Prevention and Treatment of Feeding Problems in Young Children

About the book:  Approximately 25 percent of otherwise normally developing young children experience feeding difficulties. These may not only be disruptive to the child's physical and emotional development, they also may affect the whole family. In When Your Child Won't Eat or Eats Too Much, author Dr. Irene Chatoor teaches parents how to navigate the challenges of early feeding development and help their children establish healthy eating habits. Based on clinical experiences and research studies, Chatoor helps you understand your child's specific feeding problems-whether your child has difficulty feeling hunger, has difficulty determining fullness, refuses to eat certain foods, or is just plain scared to eat. When Your Child Won't Eat or Eats Too Much presents specific suggestions and practical tips on how to understand and manage each of these feeding problems while promoting a healthy eating environment for the whole family. It also describes how feeding difficulties can be prevented and how discipline can be established without resorting to coercive measures. Chatoor, a pediatric psychiatrist who has made fundamental contributions in her field, helps parents better understand and deal with the challenges of early feeding development and the special feeding issues of their children.

My Thoughts:
An enlightening book about how to deal with almost any eating issue you face as a parent with your child. From ways to make eating a happy situation with preventive ideas to many ideas on how to address more serious eating issues.  If you are facing eating issues with your child, this book can help act as a resource. 3.5 stars 

For the kids:

Sports Illustrated Kids Big Book of Who: Football

5 and up Sports Illustrated Kids: Big Book of Who
About the book:  From the editors of Sports Illustrated Kids comes The Big Book of Who: Football, a 128-page collection of the brightest stars in America's favorite sport, past and present. Profiles, facts and stats will bring the best players in pro football history to life with all of the classic touches that Sports Illustrated Kids is famous for - terrific, age-appropriate writing and exciting sports photography. Gridiron greats such as, from Sammy Baugh to Cam Newton, Jim Brown to Emmitt Smith, Dick Butkus to Ray Lewis will be profiled.

The Big Book of Who: Football is a book young sports fans will return to again and again as a lively, exciting and encyclopedic resource.

My Thoughts:
If you are a fan of football this book is a must!  This book contains all the football facts that fans crave and great pictures to go with them!!!  The Contents include Champion, Personalities  Record Breakers and Super Scorers and Yardage Kings.  It was great to read the section about how Bart Starr (from my beloved Green Bay Packers) was the original Super Bowl hero.  He won the MVP honors in each of the first two Super Bowls!!! (p. 8).  Read more about Bart and so many more fun packed with everything football.  I am still reading and learning.  With football season coming, you must get this book!!!  I rate this book 5 stars  

Windy and Whirly

About the book:  Until one day when Windy wakes up and finds Whirly missing, she tries to come to the rescue, proving that best friends will always find a way to stay together! Vibrant characters and lots of humor make this book a charming and delightful introduction to a child’s meaning of friendship. The story almost comes to life in the hands of the child. Laundry day will never be the same!

My Thoughts:
An adorable tale about what it means to be a friend!  Cute pictures, great main characters... a washer and a dyer (original and fun).  A cute, quick read for you and the kids!  4 stars!

Discovery Channel Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark

About the book: Meet the most incredible creatures in the sea! Sharkopedia takes you inside the exciting world of sharks. From Discovery Channel, the people who bring you Shark Week every summer, learn everything there is to know about these awesome predators. The book includes more than 400 photos of sharks and all 498 known species of sharks.

Which shark has been clocked swimming 55 miles per hour?
What feeding habits give tiger sharks their nickname "garbage guts"?
Which shark has 25 rows of super-sharp teeth in its mouth?
And more!

My Thoughts:
Best shark book EVER!  My kid is a shark nut and we checked out 15 or more books from the library about sharks, but nothing comes close to how awesome this book is!!!  The pictures are beyond amazing and the facts are so fun to read!  This book included all 498 known shark species!!!  My kids and I have spent hours paging through and reading about all the species of majestic sharks. We are shark fans so getting this book is like being a kid on Christmas!  5 stars.  A MUST read for those who love sharks!!  

Tuke the Specialist Turtle

About the book:  Tuke the Specialist Turtle is the story of a young turtle struggling to find his place in one of the most extraordinary places on earth. Ridiculed by his fellow marine creatures for being too small for his shell, an adolescent green sea turtle named Tuke leaves his coral reef home in the waters off Little Cayman in search of a world he hopes will appreciate him. But it isn't until he's befriended by a group of researchers from the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) that Tuke begins to understand how important he is to his home - and vice versa. Created by Chowder, Inc. for young readers, Tuke the Specialist Turtle is a story about growth, responsibility and protecting those special places that need our help. A portion of the proceeds from this sale will go to support the Coral Reef Conservancy and the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI), Little Cayman Research Centre.

My Thoughts:
What a beautifully illustrated book about finding what makes us special.  Tuke is a lovable turtle who thinks there is nothing special about him until he learns what he is destine to do!!!  My kids and I LOVED this book and all the beautiful sea creature Tuke met along the way!  This is a book to be cherished with you and your children...5 stars!  

Zodiacts: Leo Limelight Lunacy: Dance of the Dueling Divas(5)

About the book:  Donna McGarry's Zodiacts: Leo Limelight Lunacy: Dance of the Dueling Divas introduces the five to eight year old crowd to the creative energy of the Leo Moon. The action begins when the irrepressible Starrkitty discovers her competitor, Lola Leo, headlining a solo show. Kit is fit to be tied and scrambles to produce a rival spectacle. When she discovers that some aspects of show biz, such as costuming and sound mixing, are best left to the experts, Kit goes Aquarian and assembles a stellar crew to help her shine. Which leading lady will steal the limelight under this attention craving Moon?

Merging celestial imagery with verbal whimsy, Zodiacts: Leo Limelight Lunacy humorously explores themes of egomania and self-absorption. The book is available on the author's website, amazon, or createspace.

My Thoughts:
A fun quirky off beat book that created lots of fun dialogue with me and my must look to help others rather than being self important lesson for all!  3 stars

My Thoughts:
OK, so I kinda have been using this book myself!  I love to see all the tips and explanations for building a website!  As my boys get older they are going to love creating a website on their own.  They want to have a blog like Mommy, so this book will prove to be very valuable!  For kids 8 and older this book breaks down the know how into an easy to follow and easy to read format.  It helps how many pictures accompany the instructions because we know that we learn so much faster with visual cues!  I cannot wait to create a website with my boys!!! 4 stars!

More info HERE

About the books: Summer Fit Activity Books move summer learning beyond academics to also prepare children physically and socially for the grade ahead. Academic exercises are based on Common Core standards and include skills in math, reading, writing, language arts and science.

Fitness exercises are designed to jump start the recommended 60 minutes of active play a day that children need to grow up healthy. Role models from throughout the world including Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Harriet Tubman help reinforce core values such as honesty, respect and trustworthiness. Summer Fit extends the summer learning experience online with free reading and math digital downloads, book reports, health and wellness activities and fitness videos.

* Based on Common Core: math, reading, writing, language arts and science

* Exercises jump start the recommended 60 minutes of daily movement and play

* Role models reinforce core values, good character and social skills

* Integrated academics and physical activities reinforce the importance of the "body-brain" connection

* Free digital downloads

My Thoughts:
This is a must have for kids and parents over the summer!  The book is jam packed with great lessons, exercises, do-it-together activities and so much more!  It keeps your child sharp over the summer!  My son loves working on the book and seeing what is coming next! Everyday you do a small bit, but you feel like you accomplish something great!!!!  I love seeing my children's skill emerging and to watch their progress in the books!  I really love these books and rate them 4.5 stars!  

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