Sunday, February 26, 2012

REVIEWS: Super Hero Squad Flips Out! A Mix and Match Book and Marvel Heroes Mix & Match

If you are looking for something to keep your "little superhero" busy these are the books for you.  I love that the kids can spend hours making up their own stories or we can read the various stories together.  You have the power to change the story, just by moving one of the three flaps...the combinations seem endless.  As a parent, I am always looking for something to encourage reading, spark imagination and maintain interest longer than a few minutes. There are many other mix and match books over on Amazon.  There are Toy Story, Transformers, Princess, How to Train Your Dragon and a few other Superhero and Villian books, among others.  I highly recommend the Mix and Match Books.   

Here are the books we have and love....enjoy!!

 Super Hero Squad Flips Out! A Mix and Match Book (Marvel Super Hero Squad (LB Kids Hardcover))

Book Description via Amazon

September 5, 2011 P and upMarvel Super Hero Squad (LB Kids Hardcover)
Dr. Doom and his band of villains are at it again, doing whatever they can to stir up trouble in Super Hero City. With this amazing book, uncover their plots and find dozens of ways for the Super Hero Squad to save the day! By flipping the panels on each page, you can create and read over 200 different silly stories! In every one, your favorite Super Heroes join together to defeat Dr. Doom and his baddies. Time to Hero Up!

Marvel Heroes Mix & Match   [MARVEL HEROES MIX & MATCH] [Board Books]


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