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"The flawless celebration of the quintessential suburban family and raising children, Lying to Children is perfect for fans of Tom Perrota, Jonathan Tropper and Nora Ephron. It'll have you experiencing happiness, laughter, sadness, heartache, and every emotion in between." --Redbook

A fictional father writes letters to his college-aged daughter and son remembering events, large and small, from their family's past in the poignant and hilarious Lying to Children. In this collection of sometimes outrageous, sometimes sad, often heartwarming interconnected vignettes, author Alex Shahla enters the fray with a delightful confessional celebration of family life told in stories from a dad's unique perspective. Centered around the untruths parents regularly tell their kids in an effort to protect (or silence) them--from "Daddy Loves his Job" to "There's a Jolly Fat Man who Brings You Presents (Assembly Required)" --Lying to Children is an unforgettable familial history filled with laughter, tears, and life lessons, and brimming over with a somewhat-less-than-perfect suburban dad's unwavering love.

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Kids, I have not always been the happy-go-lucky man -- who, I grant you, is neither overtly happy or terribly go-lucky, but who instead worries about everything, including the impending zombie apocalypse, the very real threat of thermonuclear war, and the gag reflex induced by expired milk 
-- you know today as your father.  

REVIEW:  This book is so fantastic.  I adored it, devoured it and savored it.  I loved it cover to cover and thought it was brilliant, funny, real and humorous, as well as, delightful, fun and inspiring.  I was laughing, crying and felt nothing short of adoration for this gift of a book.  I think it is special and I am left wanting more!

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Alex Shahla

Alex is a recovering lawyer living and writing in Los Angeles. 
Lying to Children is his debut novel.


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