Sunday, July 16, 2017

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Busy Builders: Construction Site will bring young children to a busy building site, where they will meet the construction crew at work on a new school. The fact book introduces kids to the people and machines at a construction site, using colorful illustrations and simple text. Plus, the box folds out to form a school under construction, complete with model pieces for the building, vehicles, and construction workers.

Busy Builders: Airport takes young children behind the scenes at a busy airport, allowing them to see how all the flights and passengers move smoothly through the terminal. The fact book introduces kids to the various procedures at an airport—from check-in to arrival—using cute illustrations and simple text. The box folds out to form an airport terminal, and the included model pieces for the runway, air-control tower, airplane, and baggage carts provide hours of interactive entertainment.

Busy Builders: Fire Station takes young firefighters inside a busy fire station, where they will learn how rescue teams prepare to fight fires and save people from danger. The fact book introduces kids to the daily routines—and a variety of emergencies—of a firefighting crew using cute illustrations and simple text. Once children have read the book, they can spend hours with the foldout fire station, complete with model pieces for a fire truck, helicopter, and firefighters.


My kids loved putting these together.  My son said they are fun as legos.  The had a lot of fun and were able to do it independent of adult help.  They are 9 and 10 years old.  My younger son said that this would be hard for those that are younger and cannot read, but with an adult's help it should be just fine.  They loved watching the sets come together and enjoyed all the aspects of the build and play.  They also enjoyed the small book that came with the set.  They stated that kids will be sad when the adult makes them put them away because they will have to be completely disassembled to fit back in the box it came in.  A few of the pieces were loose when placed together, which caused a few small issues for keeping the pieces standing.  There were a few minor issues, but overall, the kids thought these sets were really fun and a great way to work your mind through building and free play.


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