Saturday, July 22, 2017

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Who is Hippo Pottymouth? Hippi just moved from the city to the country and learns that pottymouth words aren't acceptable there. Join Hippi on fun-filled and exciting adventures as she meets a new friend and discovers that she needs to control her.

Ken Lefkowitz lives in central New Jersey with his wife Tracy, daughter Katie, and their assorted furry friends. Katie’s bedtime stories always include her best plush friends. When it was time to teach Katie about pottymouth language, her purple hippopotamus named Hippi created the perfect inspiration for Hippo Pottymouth. Katie’s hysterical and uncontrollable laughter inspired this first book.

This book is a great way to have kids learn about "potty words"  and the impact they have on other people.  This book allows children to see how speaking poorly changes how people see you and that one must make sure to conduct themselves in a way that makes you feel proud.  


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