Monday, December 19, 2016

#MMBBR #Review The Santa Corner by Jakie Rodriguez

If Santa asked for your help, would you help him? Santa is afraid he will not have enough presents to deliver to all the boys and girls so he is asking for help. He is sending out letters asking children to collect toys they no longer play with. Gracie and Meghyn are ready to help, are you?

I think this is a GREAT holiday story.  What better way to teach giving and altruism then through giving your toys to kids that need them more than you.  I love the concept of Santa's Corner.   You place toys in the corner that you no longer need or play with and Santa's elves come and get them and they get fixed up and given to other kids that will love them all over again.  I am definitely going to do that with my kids!  A delight to show sharing and giving during this time of year.  It is more about giving then receiving.


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