Thursday, December 15, 2016

#FRC2016 Hindsight by @mindytarquini @BookSparks #FirstLine #MMBBR

November 29, 2016 – Hindsight: A Novelby Mindy Tarquini
Course Title: Contemporary Fables
Department: Magical Realism
Description: In this layered, contemporary fable, Eugenia Panisporchi, a thirty-three-year-old Chaucer professor, remembers all her past lives and is desperate to change her future. She begins to connect with others like her and discovers she must confront her current shortcomings before she can break the cycle and finally live the life of her dreams.

A multi-layered story that adds magic and a complex story into one good read.  You will be entertained and delighted while reading this story.  There are lessons to be learned in this book that will leave the reader thinking.  

#FirstLine ~ I have the gift.

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