Monday, December 19, 2016

#MMBBR #Review Ernie's Wish Trail by Maia Orion

In every interaction Ernie has, up pops a new wish to be someone else - an enchantment with their natural gifts. Ernie's wish trail ends in rediscovering simple pleasures and the joys of being himself. This simple story for toddlers and pre-kindergarten kids, illustrated beautifully, can be enjoyed with & without the Augmented Reality app. The app serves to provide an immersive experience by enabling interaction with the story using 3D and sound.

This book is a delight.  I love it so much.  Everyone wants to be something they are not from time to time, but we must learn how to embrace all the wonderful things we are.  Ernie discovers this after he spends some time with other animals he admires.   This book is also an interactive app.  Such a fun interactive reading experience.

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