Monday, June 20, 2016

#MMBBR Picks for the men in your life...

For the military lover:

SHADOW WAR (Morrow, on sale May 10, 2015, ISBN 13: 9780062403704, $25.99) introduces Sean McFate’s alter ego, Tom Locke, an Army veteran and elite private warrior.  In SHADOW WAR, Tom Locke is working for a private military company in Africa when he’s pulled off a mission and assigned to a top-secret black op in war-torn Ukraine. He has one week to rescue a businessman’s family and pull off an assault that will catapult the billionaire to presidency.  But there are hidden complications, one is Locke’s boss at Apollo Outcomes, Brad Winters, it’s unclear where his true loyalties lie.  Locke soon learns that brilliant planning can’t overcome deception—and his mission could end in catastrophe and tip the balance of power in Eurasia toward Putin’s Russia for the next century.

SHADOW WAR is unlike any thriller that has ever been written about the Deep State and modern warfare.  And it’s all told with searing pace and unparalleled authenticity. 

Highly respected General Stanley A. McChrystal raves, “Wars produce warriors. Some, like special operator-turned mercenary Tom Locke, find it a curious calling that pulls them into the darkest of nights and most dangerous of places. Shadow War brings all of it to life in fascinating detail.”

For the world adventurer:

HELL’S GATE (Morrow, on sale 6/7/2016, ISBN 13: 9780062412522, $26.99) is set during the dark days of World War II and imbued with the scientific knowledge of two experts in their respective fields.  As war rages in 1944, Army Intel discovers a 300-foot Japanese sub marooned deep in the Brazilian interior.  Rangers sent to investigate have now disappeared and it’s up to Captain R.J. MacCready, a wisecracking, brilliant scientific jack-of-all-trades, to uncover the enemy’s plans.  Mac parachutes deep into the Brazilian jungle but is surprised to be reunited with hometown friend Bob Thorne, a botanist presumed dead for years.  As Mac makes the arduous trek into a hidden valley beneath a 2000-foot plateau, he learns of an Axis plot to destroy the U.S. But another force is on the prowl in heart of the jungle, attacking at night and draining the blood of livestock and human prey. Mac has to uncover the source of this emerging biological crisis and foil the enemy’s plans… but will he be in time to save humanity from itself?

Famed director, writer and explorer James Cameron warns, “Working within chilling scientific plausibility, this two-fisted jungle adventure swerves unexpectedly down a path of heart-pounding suspense. What emerges from the darkness will haunt you long after you put the book down.”

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