Friday, June 10, 2016

#MMBBR #BooknerdBoyJD #Revew Daisy Darling Vol. I and Vol. II by Markus Majaluoma

Let's Go to the Beach!

Daisy and Daddy spend a day at the beach, where many wonders await them: fish, crabs and ladies with flowery hats. The sand on the beach is so lovely, they might even take some with them on the journey home. With fathers spending more time in charge of their children, these tales give an authentic and humorous picture of the daily adventures they can face together. The strong narrative and detailed illustrations make this series perfect for reading aloud and enjoying over and over, as the many little jokes in the pictures reveal themselves. Charming and intelligent, this title nurtures the values of childhood and recognizes that it is through the small, everyday events that parent and child bond.

JD's Review:
I really liked this book.  It made me laugh and the pictures were really funny too.  I really liked that it was a big story about one day.  They had so much fun and adventure at the beach.  It makes me excited for summer and for spending time with my Dad.  I think this story captures what fun Dads and kids can have together.  The pictures were really detailed and I loved looking at them over and over again.  I think kids of all ages will really get a kick out of these books.  5 stars  


At the end of the day, a story is calming for children and adults alike. Daisy and Daddy start by choosing a book. What should they read? Where does the tale lead them? Daisy has her own favorite, and a wonderful journey begins.

JD's Review:
This is another funny book, but this time about bedtime and bedtime stories.  It has more great pictures and I loved looking at them.  There is just so much detail.  It is hard to keep on reading because I want to really take in the pictures.  The pictures are perfect for the story.  It is funny how Daisy and her Dad have all sorts of silly things they do together.  It reminds me of me and my Dad.  I love that they can have so much fun together and make even the simplest thing super fun...just like my Dad and I do. 5 stars


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