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#MMBBR Amy's Review Someone Like Him by Ann Herrick @ann_herrick



City girl, country guy. Will opposites attract--or clash?

When New-York-City girl Emily visits her cousin Janelle in Oregon, Emily wonders how she'll survive the wilderness. Janelle wonders if the wilderness will survive Emily's visit--and if she can convince her cousin to help save part of an old-growth forest.
Meanwhile, Emily also wonders if a big-city girl can get along with a county guy--named Bret. Under forest canopies and by crystal-clear waters she struggles with her growing attraction to him. But they're so different. Whoever thought she'd fall for someone like him?

About Ann:  
My Bad Boy Summer
Someone Like Him
The Farewell Season
My Fake Summer Boyfriend
Life, Love, and Surviving High School
The Perfect Guy
All's Fair in Love and Words
Hey, Nobody's Perfect
How to Survive a Summer Romance (Or Two)
Someone Like Him
Snowed In Together
The Real Me
Trading Faces 

The Next Great Rock Star!
Also Known as Lard Butt

BOXED SETS (each set has 3 novels):
First Loves 
Seasons of Love
Perfect Love


Heart's Desire
The Sharks of Guilford High
Extra-Curricular Role Playing

Award-winning author Ann Herrick grew up in Connecticut, where she graduated from The Morgan School and Quinnipiac University. Her books have received the ALA Recommended Book for Reluctant Readers Award, the IRA/CBC Children's Choice Award and EPPIE Young Adult Finalist Award. 

The vast majority of Ann's books are HFN (Happily For Now, with the possibility of Happily Ever After. The characters are in their teens, after all, so Ever After would be a *really* long time.) Two books have positive endings, but not the standard HFN or HEA, but with those possibilities if the reader reads very carefully between the lines at the end of the story.

She now lives in Oregon with her husband, who was her high-school sweetheart. Their daughter is grown, married and gainfully employed, and has given them their only grand-dog, Puff, a bloodhound-rottweiller-beagle mix, and six grand-kitties. While Ann misses the East Coast, especially houses built before 1900, she enjoys the green valleys, fresh air and low humidity in Eugene, Oregon.

Someone Like Him by
Ann Herrick

Amy's Review

I loved, loved, loved this book!  This is a quick read that I read in one sitting and one that pulls you in beginning at page 1.  Emily is being shipped off to Oregon to stay with her uncle and his family while her parents visit Paris.  For a girl from NYC, she is terrified .  Emily never thought she would meet a country boy.  I give this book 5 stars and this is a clean teen book (which is hard to come by these days).  The author does a fantastic job of describing a teenagers heart and a great job of dealing with the story of opposites attracting or clashing with each other.

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