Sunday, November 1, 2015

#MMBBR Review: Snow Deer and Cocoa Cheer by Joanne DeMaio @JoanneDeMaio

New York Times bestselling author Joanne DeMaio delivers a delightful novel about following your heart on the snow-dusted journey home.

Jane March's greeting cards have lost their jingle. While worried about her job at New England's Cobblestone Cards, she stumbles upon a forgotten box of her mother's nostalgic paintings. They depict small-town Addison's covered bridge and red barns and picket-fenced colonials. If only Jane's designs could capture the same heart. When her mother shows her how with a Christmas to-do list of memories in the making, Jane gets checking.

Wes Davis has come home again, jilted and a little bitter. His autumn wedding's off, and so is his holiday spirit. Even seeing the rustic wooden deer his father whittles by lantern light doesn't help as he settles back into the shabby Victorian home of his childhood. It is only when Wes encounters the sparkling Jane March on his winding mail route that his cold winter heart begins to thaw.

As the fall months turn wintry, and the season merry, a funny thing happens in this charming Connecticut town: Jane and Wes check off items on that Christmas itinerary, together. But falling in love wasn't included on the list. Or was it?

Snow Deer and Cocoa Cheer is a treasured keepsake, reminding us that like winter's first snow, life brings a beautiful flurry of its own unexpected moments.

Joanne DeMaio

Joanne DeMaio is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary fiction. She enjoys writing about friendship, family, love and choices, while setting her stories in New England towns or by the sea. Her novels include the New York Times bestseller Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans; Whole Latte Life, a Kirkus Reviews Critics’ Pick; Snowflakes and Coffee Cakes, a USA Today bestseller; True Blend; and The Denim Blue Sea. Her sixth novel, Snow Deer and Cocoa Cheer, has just been published.

Joanne lives with her family in Connecticut and is currently at work on her next book. 

To me this is the best book reading time of year.  I love snuggling up into bed, with my coffee and a good book.  I love Fall weather and I am even more in love with the holiday season!  DeMaio managed to capture all of the things I love in one book!  She captured the feeling of this time of year perfectly!  DeMaio allows us to revisit familiar people and places, but has a new and engaging story for us to escape in.  We are completely taken in by the setting of the story.  Her beautifully detailed and well imagined story makes the reader want to jump inside the book and live along side of all the characters.  This time of year is about feeling good, second chances, finding love and embracing the life we live and DeMaio has brought that to us in an engaging, heartwarming and original story that will make you want to start getting ready for Christmas today!  Thanks Joanne for writing this book!  It was an amazing start to my holiday reading!  Plus, it will make a wonderful gift for my book loving friends! 5 stars


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