Monday, November 23, 2015

Books in the Classroom with Yvonne: Ms. Spell By: Ethan Long @HolidayHouseBks @ethanlongdotcom

About the book:
An unorthodox teacher gives one of the most unforgettable spelling lessons ever in this zany adventure with eye-popping wonders as well as excellent spelling advice.
Poof! There is magic in the air, and readers will need to prepare themselves for some outlandish surprises especially when Ms. Spell waves her wand to demonstrate the marvels of good grammar. The spelling review gets a bit out of control when a giant chocolate cake, zombie monkeys with laser-shooting eyes and the irate school principal get involved.
Filled with pointers on remembering commonly misspelled words, this rollicking picture book uses comic book format to make spelling less threating and more fun.

Yvonne's Review: 

Ms. Spell
By: Ethan Long

A perfect book for teaching homophones and commonly misspelled words to elementary children. Ms. Spell is a teacher every student will love. Her pink hair, magic wand and endless facial expressions are mesmerizing. I plan to use this book as a read aloud to teach the following spelling practices and problems:

·      there, their, and they’re
·      two, to, and too
·      where and were
·      breaking apart longer words
·      silent e
·      when I comes before e and when it doesn’t
·      making up sentences as a spelling trick

Since Ms. Spell is so spellbinding this book can easily be read over and over to help introduce and reinforce spelling practices. 5 stars

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