Friday, October 30, 2015

#MMBBR Review: The Little Tree by Muon Van @muon_van

When the Little Tree sees the world around her narrowing, she worries about what life will be like for her Little Seed. She decides to take the biggest risk of all, and let Little Seed find a richer life on her own.

Muon Van

Muon Van is a critically-acclaimed picture book author, soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie baker and cordless vacuum operator. She lives in Northern California with a family that makes her earn her keep by telling two original stories every other night. The storytelling is sometimes followed by sensational singing.

I adored Muon Van's other book The Village by the Sea and when the chance arose to read The Little Tree I was so excited!!  I was not disappointed by the new book by the brilliant story teller Muon Van.  The Little Tree is so brilliant because the story has so many interpretations.  I feel that every readers will take something different away from the story, but all readers will be moved by this heart warming story.  To me, this was a story about a mother letting her children go so that the child has a better life than she did.  That the mother knew that the deed was destined to greater things.  That as a mother we want our children to succeed and grow to their full potential.  To others, this story may be so very different.  All I am certain of is that I LOVED it.  Not only was the story brilliant , but the illustrations were also amazing.  So much vibrant colors and creatures within the pages.  It is one of those books that I want to hop into and sit beneath the tress.  I want to listen to the animals moving about the forest.  I want to smell the smells of nature surrounding me!  This book is a must have for your child's home library!  5 stars!!!    

After I finished my review I saw my son looking at the book THE LITTLE TREE and he was so moved by the illustrations that he wanted to draw them too!!!

working hard! 

Finished picture!

Love seeing that books are inspiring my little artist!  


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