Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#MMBBR interview with Robin Kall at READING WITH ROBIN @robinkall


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When did you start your radio show?
Reading With Robin started in Nov ’02 on WHJJ Saturday mornings at 7am
How did all come about?

I started my radio career as a caller to the John DePetro radio show and caught the “talk show bug" spending time writing bits and even filling in as a host I pitched the Reading With Robin concept to the station manager.

Tell me about a time you were starstruck by an author on your show
ha -that’s never happened. Oh, maybe a little bit when I interviewed Kevin Nealon or maybe the time when I interviewed Henry Winkler but they were both so cool ....

Has anything really funny happened?
oh yes funny stuff happens on-air…that’s pretty much the show. if you are talking about unexpected things technically etc
once the mic wasn’t off when we thought it was…luckily, nothing incriminating was picked up
there was the time I forgot my notes and as much as i probably didn’t need them, i thought i did so i made it back to my house in record time…and then back to the station with moments to spare. i figured if i got pulled over i’d say i had a radio show to do and hey, it’s Rhode Island
there are a few other things now that i’m thinking about it -they seem funny now -but at the time not so much.

Please share with my viewers things that inspire you.
I am incredibly inspired by creative people who take something that they have a passion for and turn it into something really big and meaningful. even if it’s been done before -they make it just a little bit different and it shines.

If you could take a weekend vacation inside ANY book, which book would you chose and why?
i love this question -i might need to steal it for my Evening With Authors event. thank you
Ok this is going to sound lame but i’ve gotta go with Gone With The Wind. I know plantation life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be but really, a weekend at Tara….Frankly my dear :)

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