Monday, October 26, 2015

#MMBBR Books in the Classroom with Yvonne: Baxter Bu’s Epic Beach Day By: Shaun Sturz @ShaunSturz

Baxter Bu’s Epic Beach Day
By: Shaun Sturz

My second grade students are going to love this story. Told from a dog’s point of view about the friendship he shares with his owner. Bu gets tired of “guarding” the tree house while his owner is at the beach surfing. So Bu decides to learn how to surf but nobody will teach him until he gets dinged in the head by Bella Luck’s longboard.

This story has great dialogue for practicing character voices and is simple enough for young readers to retell using story elements. I especially like this book for teaching young writers:
·      The font Sturz uses is similar to second or third graders’ handwriting, therefore, it is easy to highlight how to correctly punctuate dialogue.
·      Each page is a great example to use when teaching writers to use words to match their pictures.
·      Varying word placement on the page and different types of print (bold, all CAPS, etc.)

This book will be a great addition to our classroom library and will be pulled and used during small group reading and writing lessons. 5 stars.


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