Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review: Unbridled by Barbara McNally

Unbridled: A Memoir

Everyone believed Barbara was living the American Dream. She married her college sweetheart, sustained him on his rise to success, and seemed to have the perfect marriage, the perfect family, the perfect home. But when she strayed and her matrimonial cookie crumbled, Barbara realized that to be more than a just a wife... she’d have to get a life.

Following the lead of her adventurous late grandmother, she set off to overcome her fears and find her independence. While exploring Ireland, the land of her ancestors, she danced with horsemen and communed with priestesses.

Somewhere along the way, she discovered parts of herself that had been missing from her life. Something she’d longed for without knowing it. She tasted freedom and wanted more.

Many of us sometimes wish to change our path or to become something bigger and better.  In Unbridled, Barbara decides she wants to change her path in life.  She decides to make becoming her own person a reality, so she embarks on a journey that teaches her that she is so much more than she once thought.  All of her encounters gave her strength, knowledge and freedom!  I loved the part of Ireland, since I have been there and love that country so very much.  With truth and bravery this memoir is one to inspire and evoke emotions.  I enjoyed it and rate it 3 stars. 

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