Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: TIME For Kids That's Strange But True!: The World's Most Astonishing Facts and Records

TIME for Kids That's Strange but True!: The World's Most Astonishing Facts and Records

From people who smell armpits for a living to grass that grows on cars-and needs to be mowed, Time For Kids That's Strange But True! takes an offbeat and very kid-appealing look at the workings and fascinating oddities of the natural world as well as offbeat human behavior and talents. The book's editorial mission is to show kids 8 to 12 that planet Earth is filled with the odd, the weird, and the wacky-both natural, human and human made. It will encourage readers to learn more about the subjects presented, and to spur kids to find examples of strange-but-true phenomena in their own communities.

The book, organized by subject, will feature colorful photos that will bring to life the unusual world of the animal kingdom (lizards that walk on water and insects that can live without their head), the human body (hair and nails grow after a person dies), science oddities (teleportation devices and telepathy), and much much more.

Written in Time For Kids' authoritative and clear style, even the strangest entries are carefully explained and will provide readers with vital frames of reference needed to make sense of the new and unusual. The book will be devoured at home and at school, and can serve as the basis for original research reports relating to various curriculum areas. 

My son is always asking to learn facts.  He says he loves learning how the world works!  I cannot wait until he lays his eyes on this amazing, fact filled book.  When I read it I was blown away by all the facts and how neatly organized this book is.  I also cannot wait to see what kind of dialogue starts between my son and I while reading this book.  I rate this 5 stars plus! 

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