Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: Christmas Lights by Christine Pisera Naman

Christmas Lights: A Novel

In her previous workChristine Pisera Naman has become well-known for sharing the small but inspiring lessons she has learned from the real-life struggles and triumphs of average people. Christmas Lights, Naman’s first work of fiction, evokes that same warmth and tenderness in stories set during the holiday season and centered on the lives of ordinary women. 

In separate vignettes, we meet Katherine, who is taking care of her ailing husband; Julianna, juggling with construction paper, scissors, and rubber cement in a room full of high-spirited four-year-olds; Adrianna, struggling with the difficulties of marriage; Cassandra, the busy mother of toddlers; Victoria, searching for a love to call her own; Alexandra, a young woman waiting for word from her doctor about an uncertain diagnosis; and Isabella, discovering the gift of motherhood. The lives of all the women come together in a moving conclusion that perfectly captures the heart and soul of the holiday spirit. 

Alternately laugh-out-loud funny and poignant, Christmas Lights celebrates the most significant aspects of the season. Small, beautifully designed, and full of festive cheer, it is the ideal gift for anyone longing to rediscover the magic of Christmas.

In this heartwarming holiday novella, you will meet seven amazing woman all struggling in their own way to deal with something in their personal life.  There is a chapter about each of these women and in the end it is pulled together beautifully.  I enjoyed getting to know each of these women and came to care for them quickly.  I most enjoyed Victoria's chapter and found myself laughing out loud a few times.  If you are in the mood to be reminded what Christmas is really about, pick up this 4.5 star gem!

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