Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review: iSad by Shane Saathoff

When a child receives an iPad for Christmas, he soon realizes that it is not everything he thought it would be. iSad tells the story of the child's quest to turn the clock back on his neighborhood, returning it to the way it once was before the "cold circuitry" interfered in their every aspect of life.

My Review:
This book really struck a chord with me.  I have been completely saddened by technology taking the creativity and desire to be outside away from our children.  I, myself, have hushed one of my boys so I could do something on my iPad.  This book really casts a light on how things are changing.  I so long for the days of kick the can, spud and ghost in the graveyard over the iPad and other "cold circuitry". Now after reading this book, I will make sure to do that stuff so much often  This story is original and so very true.  I really liked it  and rate it 4 stars.

iSad is currently available as a paperback on ($19.99) and will be on in early September (as paperback) as well.

Connnet with Shane Saathoff
Author, iSad

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