Thursday, March 29, 2018

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I am loving #SpringReading with @BookSparks 

I certainly have #NOSHELFCONTROL 

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Are you reading along?
So many good books to read this spring!!!

Which one are you most excited to read?

by Roz Nay
Angela claims she had nothing to do with the disappearance of her ex’s wife, but Detective Novak doesn’t believer her. As he continues to push her, Angela begins to unravel the story of a love triangle, betrayal, and twisted lies that goes back ten years. Is Angela really innocent or does she know more than she is letting on?

by Christina Dodd

Kellen Adams takes the job at a remote vacation resort on the coast to escape a life she desperately wants to forget. But as two murders unfold at the resort she now calls home, she is forced to investigate in order to protect herself and the resort. When every customer and employee is a suspect, Kellen can’t help but wonder if the killer isn’t right in front of her.

by Deborah Batterman
Rachel’s uncle Jake is gay, but she keeps the secret for him, even when he gets sick. After all he is way more fun and exciting to be around than her constantly fighting parents. Highlighting the AIDS crisis and homophobia of the ’80s, Rachel must reconcile herself with the fate of her uncle, her parent’s rocky marriage, and the hate that fills society.

by Ida Curtis
Eight years after Lord Chetwynd rescued Lady Isabel from being raped by warriors in his company, the two enter into an arranged marriage. They set out for the court of King Louis, facing dangerous enemies that push them together and intrigue that pulled them apart. The two have to survive by their wit and charm in order to grow in their love for each other.
by Kathy Mehuron
Kenny and Georgia both think that the best part of their lives are over after the death of their spouses. Until the two meet and become fast friends, and maybe more. The pair are shocked when Kenny’s step-daughter and Georgia’s son fall desperately in love and then share an opiate addiction. Attempting to make the best of difficult times, Kenny takes Georgia to Cuba just as it is opening to Americans again – but that too is full of surprises.
by Kristin Kaye
Jade Reynolds grew up in a logging community that clashed with protesting tree sitters. After she witnesses the tension become violent, she runs away and ends up with a group of radical environmentalist living in the tree tops. She has to figure out which side she is on – the loggers she grew up with or the anarchists risking their lives to save the trees.

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