Friday, March 16, 2018

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What We're Reading in March:

We're kicking off the challenge by reading The Neighbors by Hannah Mary McKinnon and The Summer of New Beginnings by Bette Lee Crosby. 

Are you reading along with us?  How much #ShelfControl do you have???  I have none and therefore I am super tired today. Thank goodness there are audiobooks and physical books because I get so much more reading done. I am rarely without a book in my hands or a book in my ears! 

What is your favorite method for devouring books???


The Neighbors by Hannah McKinnon

Abby caused the car crash that killed her brother. Unable to forgive herself she leaves Liam, the man she loves most, and marries Nate, the man that pulled her from the wreckage – but could not save her brother. It’s the guilt from that night that binds them together. When Liam moves into the neighborhood twenty years later, Abby has to face the memories she has kept carefully buried.

REVIEW: Wow, just wow! This book is intense and original. You will not see the ending coming. There are twists, then you get turned and then you are upside down in the BEST possible way. Such a wild ride! Readers will most likely stay awake well past there bed time and/or will ignore everything going on around them when they are reading. A must read for the spring reading season.

The Summer of New Beginnings by Bette Lee Crosby
Meghan Briggs and her sister Tracy could not be any more different. Which is why Meghan is moving home to save their late father’s business and Tracy is moving home and single mother in need of help. While Tracy struggles with new motherhood, Meghan tries not to fall for the stray puppy she named Sox – and the handsome vet. Both sisters face hardships and new relationships now that they are home again, maybe even getting the new beginnings they need.
REVIEW: Lee Crosby can pull you into the story with such grace and ease. She builds her characters in a way that they become part of you. You, as the reader, will experience everything they experience, which causes the reader to form a deep attachment with the characters.  The Summer of New Beginnings will tug at your heart and give you hope. I think every reader will be able to relate to the characters in this book and the story will be one that will touch them. A spring read must.

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