Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#MMBBR #Review Animal Colors and More by Katie Viggers


Animal Colors and More is the third book in Katie's Animal series. Here a herd of friendly creatures teach children the different colors and patterns found in the animal world. Charming, vivid illustrations bring nature to life with both realism and whimsy. Keep an eye out for a few cheeky animals that are trying to trick you, see if you can work out who they are!

About the Author
Katie Viggers is a London-based illustrator who studied Fine Art at university. After a few years dabbling in animation and children's bookselling, she went on to complete an MA in Children's Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. Shortly after Katie decided to combine her printmaking skills, passion for picture books, and her bookselling experience to create Eightbear, a small
company that produces an original and witty range of animal based books and prints to appeal to kids and adults alike.

I adored this book.  It is a darling book of colors with animals galore.  This is going to to be a fantastic book for my growth and development classes to teach colors (and animals) in an interesting way.  It is a beautifully illustrated book, that was a delight to look at.  This is a must for new readers.  I especially loved the stripey page!!!  Buy this book for your child's home library.  

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