Sunday, November 20, 2016

#MMBBR #Highlight The Drogue (The Tréaltha Series #1) by M.A. Nichols

What is the Drogue?

No one knows for certain what the Drogue is or where it came from, but the Dark Knights have spent millennia searching for it. And now, they know who has it. Even if he doesn’t realize it.

Jake always knew he was odd. Only odd people sense things no one else can, and only the exceptionally odd can make those invisible somethings do the impossible. But everyone said he was crazy. Even his own dad—until the man disappeared. Gone in a poof of smoke, his father vanished in front of Jake’s eyes, abandoning him to a hidden world of wizards and magic. Jake must find the truth behind his past, his dad’s disappearance, and the Drogue before the Dark Knights find him. For where the Dark Knights go, death follows.

M.A. Nichols
Born and raised in Anchorage, M.A. Nichols is a lifelong Alaskan with a love of the outdoors. As a child she despised reading, but through the love and persistence of her mother was taught the error of her ways and has had a deep, abiding relationship with it ever since.

She graduated with a bachelor's degree in landscape management from Brigham Young University and a master's in landscape architecture from Utah State University, neither of which has anything to do with why she became a writer, but is a fun little tidbit none-the-less. And no, she doesn't have any idea what type of plant you should put in that shady spot out by your deck. She's not that kind of landscape architect. Stop asking.

The Drogue is her first published novel, but certainly won't be her last.

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