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An unlikely pair—a pug and a pig!—realize that it’s better to be together.

Pug is a very happy pup. He has his own yard, his own bowl, and even his own cozy bed! That is, until Pig moves in and starts eating from Pug’s bowl, interrupting Pug’s routine, and, worst of all, sleeping in Pug’s bed. Will Pug and Pig ever learn to live together as friends?

This sweet and silly story about a darling duo celebrates the timeless themes of embracing change, being kind to others, and finding friends in unlikely places.

Sue Lowell Gallion
As a printer's daughter, Sue Lowell Gallion has a life-long love of type, paper, and the aroma of ink. Her first jobs at the family printing plant in Kansas City included stuffing envelopes, proofreading pages of cattle pedigrees, and raiding the gum ball machine. She spent a lot of time putting books in boxes, too. And now, her job is writing books for kids. 

Sue is passionate about reading to kids, beginning with brand-new babies. One of her favorite things as a mom (and now a new grandma!) is sharing books and reading aloud with her kids and grand baby. She loves to help other kids learn to read, too, and have them read out loud to her. In addition to books, Sue writes stories and poems for children's magazines, such as Highlights and High Five. 

Sue's debut picture book, PUG MEETS PIG, comes out in September 2016 from Beach Lane Books/Simon & Schuster. Joyce Wan is the wonderful illustrator of PUG MEETS PIG. For Sue, seeing her words become a picture book has been an amazing adventure. And Pug and Pig have another adventure coming up themselves, with a new book in the works!

Sue lives in the Kansas City area with her family and her black dog, Tucker, who likes to hold hands. That can be hard to do when Sue is typing on her computer.

Joyce WanJoyce Wan designed her first greeting card when she was in first grade for a city-wide greeting card design contest. The design won first place and was subsequently sold through a major department store chain. Twenty years later that design would inspire a design studio called Wanart whose products featuring Joyce's designs are now sold world wide. Joyce also teaches courses on greeting card design and art licensing at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Joyce is inspired by Japanese pop culture, modern architecture, and anything that makes her smile. In her perfect world, everything would be cute, round and chubby. Joyce is the author and illustrator of of "Greetings from Kiwi and Pear", "You Are My Cupcake", "We Belong Together", "Frog & Friends", "Owl & Friends", "Hug You Kiss You Love You", "My Lucky Little Dragon", Are You My Mommy?", "The Whale in My Swimming Pool" and she illustrated "Sleepyheads" by Sandra J. Howatt. 

Joyce hails from Boston, Massachusetts and currently lives in New Jersey. Through all her work, Joyce hopes to inspire people to embrace the spirit of childhood and follow their dreams. Visit her online at

This book is adorable.  It is about unexpected friendship and about sharing your home with somebody you once thought you could live without.  It captures how nice it can feel to share things rather than keep them to ourselves  What a silly and sweet pair the pig and pug make.  I can guarantee you and your child will smile all the way thought this book.  It is a perfect book for beginning readers as the text is simple and clear.  A story that you will be reading over and over again because your children will absolutely fall in love with Pug and Pig!  

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