Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#MMBBR Books in the Classroom with Yvonne The Wacky World of Silly Willy Winston an Ordinary Pet with Extraordinary Adventures By: Donna M. Maguire

The Wacky World of Silly Willy Winston an Ordinary Pet with Extraordinary Adventures
By: Donna M. Maguire

This first book of Silly Willy Winston introduces readers to an adorable Basset Hound. His long ears, short legs, and big paws will steal every reader’s heart. While reading this book, you get a preview for each of his upcoming adventures. Although it is not required for readers to read this book before reading any of the other Silly Willy Winston adventures. I’m excited to introduce this lovable character to my second grade readers. 3.5 stars

Silly Willy Winston in the Adventures of Super Snout Have NO Fear
By: Donna M. Maguire

Silly Willy Winston, better know as Super Snout in this book, helps four children over come their fears. Sally is afraid of the dark, Mark is scared of thunder and lightning, Katie is scared to try something new, and John is scared of heights. Super Snout explains in “kid friendly” terms how to overcome your fears. This book is great for parents and teachers to read as a springboard for discussion about issues real to young children.  Finally Maguire sprinkles in a bit of informational reading when explaining about thunder and lighting. I definitely will be sharing that information with my students when we study weather this year. 4 stars

The Adventures of Silly Willy Winston as Explorer Snout in a Tale of Two Deserts
By: Donna M. Maguire

A wonderful combination of fiction and informational text! Explorer Snout takes Livi on an adventure to learn about deserts, especially the Mojava and the Gobi deserts. This book is packed with facts about deserts (rainfall, temperature, animals, safety, etc.) and text features (headings, map, captions, etc.). Although the book is fiction I will positively be sharing it with my second graders as a way to learn about a desert biome. 4 stars

Silly Willy Winston in the Adventures of Inspector Snout: The Case of the Missing Tadpole
By: Donna M. Maguire

I LOVE this book! The blend of informational text in a fiction story is incredible. The premise for the book is Inspector Snout teaching Billy about metamorphosis. The book begins with Billy thinking his tadpole is missing but Inspector Snout explains to him that it is not missing just changing a bit. It is easy for young readers to understand a complex science cycle with the simple text and colorful, detailed illustrations. The diagrams showing the life cycle of tadpoles and honeybees are remarkable and educational.

Maguire continues to teach young readers that many other animals go through metamorphosis, such as, salamanders, honeybees, caterpillars, dragonflies, crustaceans and jellyfish. Another unique feature is that tricky science terms are followed with the pronunciation spelling.

I can’t wait to use this book to teach insect metamorphosis. Then expand to other animals that go through metamorphosis. 5 stars

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