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Bookish Home Décor for Literary Lovers by Dani Nicole

Bookish Home Décor for Literary Lovers
by Dani Nicole

Is your Goodreads list your most frequented website? If you’re a book lover, it’s possible you’re so completely passionate about reading that you dream of incorporating books into your home décor. Here are some of Modernize’s favorite ideas to incorporate wonderfully literary items in unique ways to make every reader’s soul happy.

Repurposed Books
Let’s start with the basics. You can do just about anything with an old book. Before throwing a stack of hardbacks in the recycling bin (the horror!), consider getting creative.
Use your favorite book jackets or covers to create wall art. An easy method for thin books is to simply mount them to the wall and create a border with a larger picture frame. Go for an open-back frame, which you can find at most craft stores. If the frame comes with glass, you should be able to pop that part out.
If your book is larger, but you just love that cover, you can use a craft knife or box cutter to separate the front from the spine. Alternatively, you could display the dust jacket. Keep an eye out for beautiful books at thrift and resale shops, too.
via We Live Upstairs

Book Clocks
You may have seen some images circulating around the Internet of DIY book clock projects. You can purchase a clock set from most craft stores and common online retailers. To create a clock display, mount your favorite books in the position of the numbers on a clock. You can get creative here. You can either place four books on the wall at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock and draw markings between them for the hours, or you can set up a book for every hour (this will take up more space, though.)
A clever idea is to find book titles with numbers in them. For example, at 2 o’clock you may hang up “The Two Towers” by J.R.R. Tolkien. So on and so on. Then, just position your clock set and stand back to admire your bookish handiwork.

Literary Accents
Small accents can really turn your home into a book lover’s den. When looking for throw pillows, search for your favorite books. Often on websites like Etsy, you’ll find custom products. You could get your favorite quote embroidered on those throw pillows, or perhaps a graphic that serves as your favorite book’s theme.
Coasters are another literary décor go-to. You can create coasters with ceramic tiles, photo paper, Mod Podge, and acrylic or sealant spray. Here’s a great tutorial, and the project isn’t very expensive. If you’re not a DIYer, you can also find custom book coasters online.
Another avenue is incorporating actual pages. Much like book covers, the interior pages of a book can also work as art. You can stamp or paint an image over the words and frame it to create a conversation piece. You can also use scrapbook paper with lettering on it to make paper flowers, and tuck them into a unique vase.

Wallpaper to Remember
There is a wide, wide world of wallpaper out there. You can find newspaper-type wallpapers, or even some with dictionary entries. But if you’re not a huge wallpaper fan, go for a vinyl stick-on. These are fairly pain-free to put on and can be removed when needed.
If you’re talented with a paintbrush, you can hand-paint your favorite words or quotes on walls, furniture, signs, bookshelves, and more.
Via Apartment Therapy

Book Some Time for Home Décor
Much like your to-be-read list, literary décor ideas are limitless. Whether you choose to DIY your projects or purchase online, a bookish home is a happy home.

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