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#MMBBR Review Round-Up @SilverDolphin

Smithsonian Sticker Creations line (July 2015; $15.95; Ages 6 and up, 64 pages) –
Dinosaurs and Under the Sea – engage young readers with an innovative, hands-on approach to learning. Each 64-page bookpresents kid-friendly facts about dinosaurs and sea creatures and sticker activities to complete on every page. The interactive format comes with more than 175 reusable stickers plus 5 oversized 3-D stickers, and a pull-out framed play scene, allowing children to create their own prehistoric dinosaur scene or underwater adventure.

These books are such fun!!!  It helps to bring to the life the world under the sea and the world when dinosaurs roamed the earth!  They have amazing 3-D playscene boards (which are super sturdy and so cool looking), amazingly brilliant a realistic stickers, and activities galore.  There are puzzles, maps, scenes where you can create fun images, guessing games with matching, mazes and so much more!  These are the types of books that are great for road trip, rainy days, birthday gifts and many other special events.  My boys really get lost in all these books have to offer and we love reading all the fun facts that each book contains.  This is something that kids of various ages will love and cherish.  I seriously love them!  5 HUGE stars!

The Smithsonian Everything You Need to Know Fact Cards series (June 2015; $19.95; Ages 5-7 and 7-9; 275 cards), divided into Grades K-1 and Grades 2-3, is specially tailored for inquisitive minds of different ages. Each box includes 275 fact cards featuring categories that range from space to history to health, chosen to compliment the curricula for each grade level. The facts are paired with beautiful color photographs, illustrations, and diagrams that will capture young imaginations.

I could rave for hours on how much I love these fact cards.  My boys and I had once bought Chat Packs, which are such fun.  But now when we are sitting eating dinner, snuggling before bed and driving in the car we are reading these fun fact cards.  I have to be honest when I say that much of the things I am learning  are things I had previously not known!  I was fascinated learning fun fact on all the US Presidents (grades 2-3),  facts on outer space (grades k-1) and so much more.  we are still working our way through both sets and feel like this is what sparks the love of learning, super interesting little tidbits of facts here and there.  The boys will actually ask to take out the cards and read.  This is also great for conversation starters with your kids.  I am in LOVE with these cards! 5 stars

Silver Dolphin expands their Young Explorer and Discover lines with Smithsonian Young Explorers: 50 States (April 2015; $18.95; Ages 6 and up; 32 pages). Smithsonian Young Explorers: 50 States comes packed in a sturdy travel case with an illustrated poster and a giant 130-piece floor puzzle of the United States.

My son and husband had a great time putting this puzzle together.  It is such fun to see them doing this activity together.  There was a lot of fun dialogue about which states they have been to and which states they want to go to in the future.   My son love geography and history, so he loved the puzzle and the fact book that came with it!  This is great fun for all ages.  The puzzle was very colorful, with state capitals starred and pictures of what each state is know for.  Love this puzzle!
5 stars

Friendship Talesa new series of interactive board books from best-selling nature illustrator Maurice Pledger. (April 2015; $10.95; Ages 3 and up; 16 pages), Ping-Ping Panda In Friendship Tales: Ping-Ping Panda's Bamboo Journey is searching for some tasty leaves with the help of her hummingbird friend, but as they roam through the forest, all they find are other animals' favorite foods. Will Ping-Ping find something to satisfy her rumbling tummy? Help Ping-Ping and her friends explore the forest in this interactive story with flaps to lift and colorful, detailed scenes by best-selling nature illustrator Maurice Pledger.

I love lift and flap books.  They are so fun to read. Ping-Ping is very hungry and her hunger takes he on a walk to find her favorite food, bamboo.  Along the way she comes across from friends who are very willing to help her find the bamboo.  The illustrations are just gorgeous and the friends she comes across are very sweet and kind to her.  This is a book that young kids will love and have fun lifting the flaps to see what is underneath!  5 stars
(PS I will also be using this book in my class Art Through Stories)

In Friendship Tales: Dottie Dolphin Plays Hide-and-Seek (April 2015; $10.95; Ages 3 and up; 16 pages), when Dottie Dolphin dives deep into the ocean to play hide-and-seek with her siblings, she discovers a wonderful world of ocean animals. Join Dottie and her new friends beneath the waves in this interactive story with flaps to lift and colorful, detailed underwater scenes by best-selling nature illustrator Maurice Pledger.

I love lift and flap books.  They are so fun to read.  Dottie the dolphin goes on trip to find her brothers and sister during a game of hide-and-seek.  During her search she come across a lot of underwater animals that help lead her back to her family.  With beautiful illustration and a sweet story this book is one all small kids will love, I know I did...5 stars
(PS I will also be using this book in my class Art Through Stories) 


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