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#MMBBR Children's Review Round Up

In the spirit of Hergé's Tintin or Carl Barks' Uncle Scrooge, The Kurdles is an all-ages comic spiced up with a teaspoon of strange. Sally is a teddy bear who gets separated from her owner while on a drive in the country. Desperate to find her way home, she stumbles upon Kurdleton, home to a most peculiar group of characters in the midst of a crisis; their forest house has grown hair, eyes, and a mouth! The creatures work with their new friend to keep Kurdleton from growing legs and running away! Goodin, an animation industry veteran (American Dad, Rugrats), delivers a timeless classic in his debut graphic novel, introducing an unforgettable and charming cast of characters. Printed in an oversized format to showcase Goodin's stunning, hand-painted artwork, The Kurdles will capture the imagination of both parents and children.

My Review:
This is a fun adventure book about a bear that was tossed out of the car by a girl who would have rather had her giraffe.  The bear then has an adventure through the woods with a group of lovable misfits!   The illustrations for so interesting and fun to look at!  It is one of those books that each time you look at it you see something you did not see before!  The only criticism that I have is some of the language is a bit harsh.  For example,  I was a bit uncomfortable with the way the mother spoke to her daughter on page 6.  But this is just my personal option!  I would love to hear what others have to say! Let me know!  4 stars

In this first book of the series, readers are introduced to a lovable little alligator named Dozi. Living in a swamp in central Florida, Dozi observes wondrous colorful lights over a distant amusement park. Eventually, the curiosity of the little alligator gets the best of him and he heads off to discover the strange and fascinating new world of humans.

While hiding inside one of Orlando’s popular theme parks, Dozi makes the decision to stow away in the unsuspecting Hoxwinder family’s minivan after the family has finished visiting the park. During the long over-night drive home from Florida, Dozi befriends young Byron Hoxwinder in the very back of the vehicle. The family arrives home without anybody but 9-year old Byron Hoxwinder realizing they have brought a young alligator home with them.

My Review:
What a sweet story about an unsuspecting friendship between a boy and an alligator.  My boys and I love the rhyming, the really cute pictures and the story was just adorable!  I cannot wait to develop this book into a lesson for Art Through Stories!  4.5 stars

Do you have an angel friend? Young India has a special friend an angel friend Julia.

My Review:
A sweet story about a girl and her imaginary friend.  This book highlights the joy of imagination and the love of the things we cannot see, but feel with the heart. Any little girl would just adore this book! 4.5 stars

An incredibly cool, close-up look at the skulls of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles. Dozens of Images of animals (including their scientific name), fun facts, jokes, wordplay and off-the-word, fascinating trivia related to each animal. Plus, there's a "match the skull" quiz at the end of the book and some links for related web sites. Your young scientist is going to love this book!

My Review:
What a fascinating book about animals and their skulls.  This book is wonderfully illustrated with both real life pictures of each animal and a skull for the animal too.   It also contained funny and cute cartoon illustrations for many of the animals!  My boys have gone back to this book repeatedly to look at the skulls and to read the interesting fact that go with them.  It was great timing to get this book because we had just done a fun summer project of Owl Puke and this was a perfect book to read with that.  This would also be great for the classroom!  4.5 stars


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