Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#MMBBR Review: The Relationship Riddle by Susan Paulson Clark @susanpclark


Not your typical love story ...

Vince, a football coach who foster-parents a five-year-old boy, dodges romance like a shifty running back. Belle, who runs her own business, has sworn off chasing men like Vince. A strong attraction comes into play and Belle and Vince start dating -- but with all their objections and temptations, will the flame keep burning? When Vince and his foster son find themselves in harm’s way, Vince and Belle’s involvement takes a surprising new direction.

I love a good feel good story with heart.  The Relationship Riddle is one of those books.  It is character driven and honest.  "The Stupidhead's Relationship Guide" provides hope after divorce and mistakes made in the past.  It follows Vince and Belle and throughout the pages you come to understand them and relate to them.  There is definite heart in these pages and it is a great book to cuddle up with when the Fall leaves fall!  4 stars

Susan Paulson Clark

Susan Paulson Clark has been writing for fifteen years. She's an avid reader of women's fiction, mysteries, and non-fiction titles. Susan enjoys painting (acrylic and oil) and spending time with her husband. She graduated from UC Santa Barbara with degrees in English and Education -- and she's an avid believer in writers' critique groups!

THE RELATIONSHIP SHOPPE and THE RELATIONSHIP RIDDLE are part of her Stairstepz series. A third book will be released in 2016!


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