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Books in the Classroom with Yvonne!


About the book:

These stories are recreated by our Neurologists at Templeton Institute for Neurology specifically to boost the developing brain of children by triggering the power of imagination through sentences which are rich with imagery and imagination. These stories are written by cultures all over the world, and then refined by generations down to generations of story telling. They are full of life experiences, wise advice, and priceless lessons.

Storytelling was the main vehicle cultures all over the world helped their youngsters learn about their grandfathers and great-grandfathers accumulative experiences. In spite of the fact that these scripts are written for scientific purpose, they are very entertaining. Your children will keep asking for more snuggle time with you while listening to our books. This is story telling at its finest.

The book is divided into 2 sets of collections:

1- Myths from around the world: These are tales from different parts of the world. They compromise the first 20 tales in the book.

2- 1001 Nights: This is the collection book of hundreds of stories, some of which were featured in Disney productions such as "Aladdin", "Sindbad the sailor" and many others.

Fairy Tales for Children and Kids: Learning Good from Bad While Developing Brain Imagination Powers
By: Templeton University for Neurology

Looking for short fairy tales to use with middle and high school students? This book is filled with tales to use.  Each fairy tale is packed with rich language. The uses for the classroom are numerous:
  • Envisioning
  • Language development
  • Retelling
  • Lesson/Moral – finding it and relating it to life today
  • What makes a fairy tale a fairy tale – traditional literature not the Disney versions
  • Connections between the book and video productions
Writing/Social Studies:
  • Descriptive language for creating a mental image
  • Connecting tales from various counties/cultures to history of the region
  • How stories are passed down through generations (oral language)
The stories in this book are best used with older students. As educators we know that many of the original versions of fairy tales can contain violent details. For young children in a classroom setting this can be challenging. As a family we enjoyed reading the tales together and reflecting on the lesson to be learned by each. This book was a great vehicle for open communication within our family. 4 stars.


About the book:

When Winnie is injured can he find a way to keep sharing hugs and having adventures?

Winnie the senior rescue dog's mission to spread kindness and love is challenged when he can no longer walk. Determined to continue his adventures, Winnie's family and friends find a way for him to keep spreading love and happiness to the world!

In sharing her love of old rescue dogs and their adventures, Lisa Domeny has provided a beautiful, positive and uplifting story for children to learn about overcoming life's challenges, friendship and spreading kindness and love to make the world a better place.

This inspiring story is told through the eyes of Winnie, and although aimed at 3-5 year old's, is enjoyable to read at any age. Winnie and the Red Winniebago demonstrates that a caring community and society doesn’t discard the elderly or disabled.

Winnie and the Red Winniegago
By: Lisa Domeny

A heart-felt message that needs to be shared with everyone! I love this book…and the message of spreading kindness is perfect for my second-grade classroom. Lisa Domeny does an amazing job of writing a personal narrative told through a rescue dog’s point of view. I will be using this book to teach:
  • Point of view
  • The message of spreading kindness to others (one of our school’s monthly social skills)
  • Using photographs when writing a narrative, all about book, or document an adventure
  • Solving a problem…not excepting “I can’t”
  • Building friendships
  • What rescue dogs are
  • Finding the value and need in everyone regardless of age
This will be one of the first books I will read aloud to my students when the school year begins. It will help set the tone of helping others and will be a great mentor text to return to in writing and as social skills need to be addressed within my classroom. 5 stars!

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