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ROUND UP: Mandy's Romance Corner Reviews


Perfect (Sami Saxton #3)


In everybody's life, broken or otherwise, there is a longing to love. Again.

Mandy's Review:  Perfect is the third novel in the Sami Saxton series.  This is by the best book yet in the series.  I absolutely loved it.  Sami and her best friend Drew take a long needed vacation on a cruise ship.  Is love in the air aboard the ship or is there something lurking around the corner.  Douglas is a brilliant writer that knows how to lure his reader in. You can feel the passion he has as a writer.   He keeps you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out the ending.  I feel like I am part of the book when I am reading, everything feels real.  I give it 5 stars.  You have to read this book, it is a must.


Love Match

When tennis star Harper Reed headed off to a prestigious college on the Philadelphia Main Line, little did she know her life would soon change forever. There, on her first day of classes, the demure virgin meets the gorgeous football star, Wes Wood, a senior from a rich, prominent political family. Wes leads a privileged life, flush with multi-million dollar homes and countless perks, a life Harper has always dreamed of. The rising lawyer promptly becomes Harper's first lover, and the pair engage in an affair filled with glitzy parties, glamorous gifts, and political intrigue. Awed by Wes and his world, Harper is certain Wes is the man of her dreams, but is he? Entirely in her own words, Harper takes you on her sexy, fun, fast-paced, coming of age journey through life in search of true love. Will her journey wind up where it began, with Wes? Or will she fall for another lover she encounters along the way, perhaps the sensual heart surgeon, Dr. Raj Sharma. Harper describes the exotic healer as making her "feel like a woman rather than a girl." Or maybe the irresistible actor, Cam Carpenter, is Harper's love match. Harper becomes "like an animal in heat" when she sweats up next to him at a trendy Manhattan club, and the pair quickly consummate their mutual infatuation. If not Cam, could Harper's tennis pro, the sexy Spaniard, Gabriel Garcia, be her true love? Harper's passion for him is unworldly as she describes, "It was as if Gabriel was the Greek god Eros and he shot his arrow in me inflicting almost unbearable love and sexual desire. I became addicted to him like an illegal drug I couldn't get enough of. Gabriel was so good I would have paid for it." Which of these smoking hot lovers is Harper's true love, her mirror? Will she wind up with Wes and find happiness in his elite world, the world she has always desired? Read Harper's account of her wildly entertaining adventures and find out. The fascinating beauty will instantly captivate you with her remarkable life, straight out of Sex and the City, and leave you yearning for more. 

Mandy's Review:  Love Match is a fun, fast-paced novel about Harper Reed.  We are taken on a wild adventure through the many loves of Harper.  Reggie Thomas does a wonderful job in describing and developing the characters.  There are lots of laughs, heart-break and love.  This book is a great read.  I give it 4 stars.


30 Seconds

Mandy's Review:  This is a fast-paced, action packed book and a must read.  I love all the twists and turns.  Chris Fey does an awesome job of bringing this story to life.  I give it 4 stars.  

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