Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review: No Way Back by Andrew Gross

No Way Back

No Way Back is a thrilling page-turner from Andrew Gross, the New York Times bestselling author of 15 Seconds and The Blue Zone. One woman is framed for a horrific crime, and desperate to prove her innocence.

A chance meeting with a stranger in a hotel ends in a shocking murder. Wendy Gould is an average mom--and the only witness. Nanny Lauritzia Velez knows a shocking secret that could prove to be deadly. Both of their lives in danger, this unlikely pair must work together against a network of dangerous men who want nothing more than to see them dead.

A fast-paced, riveting tale with strong, compelling characters, No Way Back is an edge-of-your-seat read with nonstop action and a complex mystery.

An edge of your seat thriller that has you quickly turning pages through the short chapters   The story is compelling and such a roller coaster ride.  If you love thrillers, this is the book for you!  The characters are flawed and real, characters that you can relate to.  The writing is brilliant!  I found this book very hard to put down.  I just loved how the story unfolded!!!  Pick up this 4 star book today!


  1. Thanks for the great review, sounds like an interesting book.

  2. Man of la Book...thanks for the comment and for stopping by!!!


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