Thursday, April 18, 2013

Review: Goblin Fruit by Erin Burr

Goblin Fruit 

With goblin fruit, addiction is contagious. If you touch a user, you'll crave the drug. If you crave it, you might take it. If you take it, you might not stop. If you don't stop, you'll become a zombie, slang for a catatonic, someone who can eat, and move, and breathe, but nothing more. If you become a zombie, people might touch you, and if they touch you, they'll crave the drug.

Sixteen-year-old Clarity's mother is a catatonic. So is Audrey's brother. Together, with clues from a one hundred and fifty year old poem, they'll try to save their loved ones, and the world.

This young adult novel is a quick read and hits the mark when it comes to what this genre needs, an original book with an interestingly displayed message.  It sends a message about drugs and friendships in a new and interesting way. In a way I think teens will enjoy reading.  I enjoyed Christina Rossetti's poem 'Goblin Market' as part of the story.  Overall a good story...3 stars.

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