Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spend Easter with The Mole Sisters


The Mole Sisters are looking for something special. They venture into a hollow tree and follow a long staircase up, up, up. The sisters go out on a limb to play in a bird’s nest and then back down again. When they spy a beautiful blue egg, they know they have found a new treasure.

I am in love with the mole sisters.  They are furry little adventurers with great positive attitudes.  They are adorable and fun!  My boys love reading the stories with the mole sisters.  They want to know what they are up to next.  In Mole Sisters and the Blue Egg the moles sisters go looking for fun and find a treasure!  This book is pure love.  I think the illustrations are beautiful and the stories are entertaining.  Pick this book up and read it with the kids.  It is great for Easter or Spring!

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