Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review: Pedalling Backwards by Julia Russell

Pedalling Backwards
On a bleak, muddy island in the Blackwater Estuary, Lizzie struggles to come to terms with the loss of her unborn child and the death of her sister. Trapped in a damp cottage with her ineffectual but well-meaning husband, and her aloof parents, the things that are said and left unsaid on this strained family holiday threaten the complex ties between mothers and fathers and their daughters.

Pedalling Backwards
3 stars

This book is about 2 sisters Helena and Lizzie “Pedalling Backwards” and forwards (from past to present and back again) dealing with many issues in their lives.  This book was slow to start and once you get about a third of the way in you can’t put it down.  The story flowed from past to present and while it was hard to see Lizzie deal with the death of her unborn baby and of her sister, you have cheer for her as she deals with the sadness in her life.  A tad bit depressing – it  will then sucks you in right to the very last page.

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